Mix Use Building – Hoek Van Holland

The aim of this project is to bridge the gap between the departure of the boat to England and the center of Hoek van Holland. A spacious square in the dike is accessible through a staircase across the full width of the square as an inviting gesture towards the boat passengers. This curved apartment building gives backing to the public square and guides the visitor from the dike. With its curved shape and decreasing density of the volume, the passengers move along the side of the building or experience threshhold as they pass through the building.

For the apartments, this shape also ensures optimal views of the New Waterway and less towards the neighbors in the peripheral.

Because the apartments cantilever over the parking floor, the building seems to float above a sloping lawn that also hides the cars and service areas.

Building on or near the water requires a special architecture, where views are maximized while blocking the hot sun. Thus, the apartments have large areas of glass to the shaded side of the buildings above the water to allow for for views out.  On the sunny side, bright white and natural wood are set to reflect the sun and not heat up as well as shade the glazing.

Among the areas of recreation, the inside of each room will provide a PRIVATE and relaxing space for the visitor.  Each suite will offer private indoor accommodation and an outdoor patio to promote an experience of comfort similar to that found at home. Rooms will have kitchenettes and living areas as needed for extended stay guests.
The concept applied in the building is to occupy the majority of the site and feature a focus on interior courtyards. This will provide shading for the visitor the start of his or her procession through the site

2004. Final Design Project management: Gunnar Gullit on behalf of Van Heerden & Partners International, Residential