Garden Of Delights – High Rise

The site strategy was to keep the landscape free and natural, with the majority of the program to be built in a high rise.  This creates a strong vertical axis, and with the dividing of this volume into two towers, we begin to create a horizontal axis that stretches out in the historically landscaped plan of the forest and lake.
The tall and slender tower appears to be anchored by its twin that is shorter and wider in proportions.  The two towers together are connected by bridges to the mainland as they appear to be weightless and floating on their own island.  Views of the water and surrounding forest are visible from all sides of the towers living spaces. A bustling public space that offers ammenities to its residents as well as visitors connects visually and physically to the surrounding landscape at a close distance and allows for a relaxing place away from the busy streets and cars.

2004. Schematic design Project management: Gunnar Gullit on behalf of Van Heerden & Partners International, Residential